UC San Diego

Current Courses

Cogs 9: Intro to Data Science view course page ↗
Intro to DataSci asks students to work in groups on a hypothetical data science project. The class goes over topics of data science mirrored with how a real world project might work. For example some of the topics we cover (roughly in order) are: asking datasci questions, data ethics, accessing and wrangling data, EDA, analysis/ML, and visualization/communication.
Cogs 8: Hands on Computing view course page ↗
I co-designed and developed this innovative lab course, which introduces students to the fundamentals of computing principles through micro-python and provides hands-on experience with microcontrollers, specifically the BBC MicroBit board. A distinguishing feature of this course is its thoughtful exploration of using robots as a metaphor for understanding various cognitive processes. Through interactive discussions and learning activities, students delve into the intriguing intersection of robotics and cognitive science, with an emphasis on embodied cognition.
Cogs ?: Tooling for Data Science course page in development
A lab based course I am currently developing to prepare students for working effectively, and collaboratively on data science projects. Topics we will cover are: git, github, python DS stack, linux, working in the cloud, command line tools and shell scripting, editors, miniconda and env setup. This course will prepare students to tackle real world data problems and analysis.
DSC 180AB: Data Science Capstone Domain view course page ↗
Sepsis: Using Clinical Healthcare Data Science to Identify and Combat an Infectious Killer
Data Science students will explore the world of inpatient ICU care by examining severe infection management and detection using the MIMIC-IV dataset, a comprehensive, publicly available database of de-identified ICU patient data. This project will familiarize participants with healthcare data nuances and the critical role EHRs (Electronic Health Records) play in clinical decision-making. Through this experience, students will gain insights into the broader context of clinical decision-making and public health, learning to leverage EHRs and clinical data science for developing potential products, reports, and or health policies. They will better understand the US healthcare system, ICU operations, and the decision-making process for complex infectious cases like sepsis. By studying the work of multidisciplinary teams, students will gain a deeper understanding of intricate ICU cases and the patients' journeys through this challenging healthcare landscape. Additionally, they will appreciate the complexities of conducting data science in a demanding environment.
DSC 100: Data Management course page in development
This upper-division course in data management is tailored for data science students, providing them with comprehensive exposure to managing relational data and using SQL. The curriculum encompasses an array of topics such as normalization, subqueries, transactions, aggregations, and set operations, among others. This ensures students acquire a nuanced understanding and hands-on proficiency in handling relational databases effectively.